The Monkey Trap

Etienne The Planner

Letting go is hard, when the pursuit of pleasure meets the uncertainty of a changing climate.

This, apparently, is how you trap a monkey:

First, you need to find a place where monkeys hang out. Of course, this will be an easier prospect in Delhi than it is in, say, Dubbo – for reasons that should be self evident. Next, find a heavy flagon or urn – something that’s about the same weight as the monkey you want to catch, with an opening just large enough for the monkey to get it’s hand in. Then, in full view of the monkey, place the vessel on the ground and drop something small inside. Peanuts are good, but to a curious monkey anything you put in there might just prove irresistible; so a hand full of pebbles may suffice. Finally, stand back and watch. If all goes to plan, an inquisitive monkey…

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