If you don’t use it you lose it

Google makes it so much easier for me to find those annoying facts that are distant in my mind. Seems like I am therefore less inclined to develop that mental faculty? Do we know the consequences of not “stretching” our brain connections and recall ability?

Some content on the topic:


Cognitive self-esteem was significantly higher for those who had just used the Internet to search for answers … using Google gives people the sense that the Internet has become part of their own cognitive tool set …We are simply merging the self with something greater, forming a transactive partnership not just with other humans but with an information source more powerful than any the world has ever seen.

Click to access xge-0000070.pdf




When it comes to the computerization of knowledge work, writes John Lee of the University of Iowa, “a less-automated approach, which places the automation in the role of critiquing the operator, has met with much more success” than the typical practice of supplanting human judgment with machine calculations. The best decision-support systems provide professionals with “alternative interpretations, hypotheses, or choices.”


If participants took a photo of each object as a whole, they remembered fewer objects and remembered fewer details about the objects and the objects’ locations in the museum than if they instead only observed the objects and did not photograph them.

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